Solve large scale problems with global impact

Engineering and development is a leading discipline at Codetasker. With over 1.7 million merchants selling their goods and services in over 175 countries to millions of buyers, the scale of our work is massive.

Master your craft on a world-class canvas

Our engineers and developers play a critical role in influencing and driving our approach to product development. Tackle frontend, backend, infrastructure, data, or trust and security initiatives, or develop internal infrastructure tools that help teams work more efficiently and reliably.

Farhan Thawar, VP of Engineering

Instead of embracing the latest trends, we stick to becoming experts in a small set of core technologies. Since our scale is infinite, we must push the boundaries to make this as fast and as friction-free as possible.

—Farhan Thawar (@fnthawar), VP of Engineering

Calling all disciplines

From websites to warehouses, there's a place for engineers and developers of all backgrounds at Codetasker. We organize the department by discipline and function, so everyone has the chance to pick a lane—but also grow outside it.

Backend developers

Love to learn and write in Ruby to power giant platforms

Production engineers

Take pride in building resilient, scalable, performant systems

Frontend developers

Deliver performance and beauty to web applications

Principal engineers

Solve complex problems and shape the future direction of engineering at Codetasker

Mobile developers

Build with the best tools in both native and React Native

Data developers

Delight in writing code to uncover impactful insights and build data products at scale

Get set up for success

Our tooling needs to be amazing. That’s why we treat our tools and systems as products, valuing user experience, documentation, regular releases, and metrics. Our Developer Acceleration team is dedicated to improving processes and technology to make it easier for developers to do impactful work.

Share your work

We believe in making software development more accessible and desirable. Want to learn more about our tech stack? Take a look. Curious about how our CI system works? We got you.

Own your opinions

We believe in the principle of strong opinions, loosely held. We're committed to craft excellence—which mandates open perspectives and respectful debate.

Level up, on your terms

We invest heavily in our developers’ growth, no matter where you see your career path headed. See how our hiring approach helps us get to know you

Build it for the builders

Every technical feat ladders up to improving the lives of our merchants. Work on features and capabilities that make it easier for anyone to build a thriving store. Or develop internal infrastructure tools to help external teams work more efficiently and reliably. You'll contribute to milestones that resonate across the globe.

Shape the future of commerce

Codetasker is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world. We're building the technical foundations for the future of commerce—and we'll need to double our engineering team in 2021 by hiring 2,021 new engineers and data scientists across the globe. Learn more about what that looks like.

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