20 Ecommerce Email Marketing Best Practices You Need to Follow (2022)

Email marketing is one of the invaluable ways ecommerce brands can connect with their customers and drive sales. In fact, it has proven to generate an average ROI of 4200% on campaigns. So it makes sense that it is still one of the most effective channels for customer communication.

However, getting emails read in today’s time is easier said than done. You’re competing against thousands of other businesses who are using the same channel to run their promotions.

So in this blog post, we’ll discuss 20 email best practices you can implement for your ecommerce brand to drive the above ROI from your emails.

  • Create a welcome email series
  • Craft a catchy subject line
  • Create an email copy that converts
  • Incorporate attractive visuals
  • Think mobile first
  • Insert a clear and compelling CTA button
  • Brand your emails
  • Set up segmentation
  • Identify your 'right' send time
  • A/B test your emails
  • Set up automated abandoned cart emails
  • Set up upsell and cross-sell emails
  • Give your promotional emails more personality
  • Re-engage your inactive subscribers/ customers
  • Send out order confirmation emails
  • Request customer feedback on emails
  • Set up thank you emails
  • Avoid falling into spam traps
  • Leverage email automation
  • Keep track of your email performance